22th National Security Workshop is going to be organized by National Defence University

National Security Workshop

National Defence University is organizing National Security Workshop – 22 from November 30 till December 31, 2020.

NSW is a capstone endeavour of National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad. NDU feels proud to have organized 21 workshops since 2003. NSW is aimed at enabling the senior leadership from various segments of the society in understanding national security issues and policy formulation processes. Participants of NSW form a unique blend of notables including politicians/parliamentarians, senior civil and military officers and prominent members from the civil society. The scope of this workshop embodies discussion on fundamentals and attributes of strategy and statecraft, their relevance to Pakistan’s security, elements of National Power and their impact on national interests, impact of socio-political environment and economy on National Security, role of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy, role of Military Power in National Security and the formulation of Defence Policy and National Security Policy in the context of comprehensive security.

  1. Aim   To provide a platform to the participants from various segments of society to discuss and comprehend the dynamics of National Security of Pakistan.

  2. Scope The scope of this workshop embodies: –
  3. To study the transforming global order, evolving dimensions of international, regional and domestic environment, as well as their impact on the security of Pakistan.
  4. To understand the intrinsic and environmental driven challenges & opportunities for Pakistan.
  5. Analysis of policy options to deal with challenges and capitalise on the opportunities to realise its potential.
  6. To study the concept of comprehensive national security, understand its different dimensions, incl process of National Security Policy formulation.
  7. Visit the provincial capitals (Governors, CMs & State Institutions), Svc HQ, SPD and Def Industry (POF, HIT & PAC) to gain firsthand knowledge.
  8. To exercise participants in formulation of National Security Policy in contemporary environment.

    The national security workshop covers the following study modules: –

  1. Module Transforming World order: International, regional and domestic environment.
  2. Module Challenges and opportunities for Pakistan.
  3. Module Concept and imperatives of Comprehensive National Security
  4. Module Inland Visits.
  5. Module Ex: Pakistan Paindabad.

For queries please contact followings: –

Director Office: 051-9260651-52 Ext: 32163
Email: dirkcnppissra@ndu.edu.pk
Deputy Director Office: 051-9260651-52 Ext: 7250
Email: ddkcppissra@ndu.edu.pk
Research Associate Office: 051-9260651-52 Ext: 7352
Email: nsw@ndu.edu.pk / raumar@ndu.edu.pk

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